GORL SCOUTZ RULE! Print Zine Application!
General info, YOU MUST READ BOTH PAGES!!!:

It's a zine all about GIRLS who are TF2 SCOUTS, and the organized anarchy they get into!

The print zine will be curated, and the theme is a GIRL SCOUT FIELD GUIDE ! I'm looking for 5-15 contributors. The art can be traditional or digital, drawings or writing, or collage and cosplay, the sky is the limit! Keep in mind, the print zine is going to be in LIMITED COLOR: Black/Grayscale, Red and Blue.

The logistics will be much the same as the TF2 GORE ZINE I ran last year. The physical zine will be sold with optional goodies like stickers, buttons, and prints. Profits will be split between contributors, and after all the orders are shipped out, the zine will be released for free for EVERYONE to read! I will upload the images on my site and social media, and promote the artists and such.

Projected time frame:
October 1st 2020: application open
October 31st 2020: application closed
November 14th 2020: applicants emailed
Spring 2020: WORKING!!
Summer 2021: zine release!

This is the SECOND girl scout zine, different from the online-only Yearbook Zine (which is open to ALL submissions and will accept all applicants). I highly suggest submitting to that zine if you have time concerns or have an illustration pin-up you want to show off. You can apply for both zines if you'd like!

(Girl Scout Yearbook Zine submissions: https://forms.gle/ZwLvYH2UWmGHMaPA8)
By checking this box, you verify that you are over the age of 18 in order to participate in this zine AND you have read the information pages. *
This zine is SFW art! But still, make sure you're over 18 before you apply! If you do not tick all the boxes, you are silly!
Name? *
Whatever name you wish to be referred as.
Email for communication *
I will email the address you input here to notify about acceptances. Also, if you join the zine and choose not to join the discord, I will email major updates to you here. So make sure it's an email you check often!!!
What would you like to contribute?
Please keep in mind there is VERY limited space for pin-up illustrations. I will prioritize writers, then visual artists.
Pitch your creation to me! *
Example: "I want to design an activity like a crossword full of BONK and MAD MILK, with a lil illustration on the side" "I want to draw a Where's Waldo", except "Where's Lime Green Scout" in 2fort" "I want to write gorl scout cookie recipes that end up having 4loko, and redbull as the heart attack causing ingredients" "I want to write a guide on how a Girl Scout can make her own non-dairy Mad Milk". BE CREATIVE!!! Your idea does not have to be your FINAL piece, it just lets me know if we're on the same wave-length with the theme and tone of the zine. If you do not have your own idea, I'll probably assign something to you. If you selected "Merch Design", let me know what kind of thing you want to make.
Link to portfolio *
Any and all types of art are welcome!! Be creative! Do NOT link to a twitter/tumblr/instagram, I want to see a curated collection of your art without scrolling through memes. Something like a google Drive folder, or free Wix page would be good if you don't have your own website. Some general advice: [VISUAL ART: 3-10 pieces, character art with simple backgrounds are cool, art of GIRLS, limited color palettes, please show pieces with plain lineart] [WRITING: 1500 or less words for an excerpt, or you can multiple short pieces, nonfiction is great, show me that you can do subversive/funny!]
Why are girl Scout characters so AWESOME?!!
Questions, comments, concerns?
That's all. Thank you for submitting to the GORL SCOUTZ FIELD GUIDE PRINT ZINE!!
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