SVFD Tent Permit Application
This application is required for tents and temporary membrane structures having an area in excess 400 square feet and canopies in excess of 700 square feet. The requirements are from 2016 California Fire Code (CFC) Chapter 31 and California Code of Regulations (CCR) Title 19.

Required Documents:

1. Temporary Tent Permit Application form completed and digitally signed. (this page)

2. Documentation of structural stability (engineering of manufacturers anchor requirements) for each tent structure. (emailed to

3. Certificate of Flame Propagation Performance Treatment of all tent tops, sidewalls, drapery, furniture, artificial vegetation, or any combustible material being used under tents.  (emailed to

4. Schematic diagram showing all required information pertaining to all tents and surrounding areas being used for the event, such as. (emailed to

a. Tent structure locations on the property
b. Distance of all tents in relation to each other, other structures, property lines, generators and/or vegetation
c. Locations of all sidewalls around each tent (if applicable)
d. Locations of all fire extinguishers, exit signs, no smoking signs and max occupancy signs
e. Anchoring type and locations for each tent structure
f. Any other items involved with the event, such as generators, cooking equipment, stages, property lines and property entrances and exits
g. Detailed arrangement of all decorations going under tents, such as seating, tables, display items and/or

Please review all guidelines posted at SVFRA.ORG regarding - Tent Guidelines and Standards

Fees: Tent Permit - $138.00 per hour for review / processing - Typical applications are billed for 1 hour

Inspection Fees - $138.00 per hour - Typical installations are billed for 1 hour

Fire Officer Standby (firewatch)  When required by AHJ - $108.00 per hour


REQUIRED DOCUMENTS MUST BE SENT BY EMAIL TO after completion of this application.

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