New PIH Engage Team | TEAM COORDINATOR Interest Form
Register to be a Team Coordinator of a new PIH Engage team!

Team Coordinator Requirements:
- Available in current city/town during the next two semesters or 1 year
- Able to commit to 20 hours per month minimum
- Attend the Training Institute in the summer of 2021 (limited need-based financial aid is available)
- Attend monthly coaching calls and online training webinars
- Have established network of potentially interested individuals in the location in which you will be organizing
- Have a passion for global health equity and a drive to persist through challenges

Strategy Responsibilities:
- Work with the Network Leadership Team to create year-long campaign strategy
- Set clear fundraising, advocacy, and community-building goals (e.g. participating in network-wide fundraising campaign and meetings with congressional members)
- Partner with community leaders to achieve campaign goals

Leadership Responsibilities
- Build a local leadership team with an Advocacy Lead, Fundraising Lead, and Community Building Lead
- Plan and execute regular team meetings at least twice per month
- Hold leadership team members accountable for their commitments
- Take responsibility for enabling team members to accomplish shared campaign goals

Communication/Feedback Responsibilities
- Maintain communication with the Network Leadership Team via email, phone, and video-calling platforms
- Link team to the broader PIH Engage network and ensure team participation in network-wide webinars
- Participate in discussions on team progress, challenges, and successes with Network Leadership Team during monthly coaching calls
- Regularly prepare for critical discussion on team progress with Network Leadership Team during monthly coaching calls
- Facilitate positive and constructive communication within your team
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