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The association goals (for information, non official version, translated from French)
The association has for non-profit goals international usefulness, outside of religious beliefs, philosophical orientation, political views, nationality or ethnicity:
- help
- support or accompany
- defend the interest, including in the long term: victims-in it's broad sens,direct or indirect - their next of kin, of terrorist attacks, herein after referred to as "victims" for the rest of the constitution.

• Due to the history of the association's creation, the association brings also a particular interest and gives a priority to victims of terrorist attacks on the Belgian soil as well as the Belgian victims of attacks perpetrated on foreign soil.

• Act for the manifestation of the truth on the circumstances, causes and responsibilities of the terrorist attacks perpetrated on geographical European soil, whether this be in a judicial or extra-judicial framework.

• Contribute to reflexions and actions in the fight against terrorism.

• Contribute to all reflexions and actions for the support and the development of a more respectful society and a world without violence.

The association is non-profit and commits to remain independent from any political movement or religious beliefs.

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