Returnable Logistics Cost Analyzer
10 short questions that will help you analyze your Returnable Transport Packaging (RTP) cost.

This form is a tool to create a customized analytic report on the costs generated by the inefficiency of Returnable Transport Packaging (RTP) across the supply chain. We have collected data from companies managing RTPs, to check whether your costs are below or above average.

No business specific data is required, just general data on RTPs.

After filling the application, we will elaborate a report which analyzes the cost impacts of RTPs
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For example: Barcelona, Spain
Does your company use Returnable Transport Packaging (RTPs), such as, containers, pallets or boxes? *
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How many RTPs does your company manage? *
Which kind of products do they transport? *
Which is the value of a full RTP, including the product? *
For example: The component costs 8.000€, the RTP costs 2.000€. The total value is 10.000€
How many years do the RTP last on average? *
Which countries are your RTPs travelling around? *
How long it will take you to accuratelly know how many RTPs you have in each place? *
Do you have a solution to manage RTPs? *
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