Applications should be received by the August 1st and will be reviewed by the membership committee. The process will be conducted during the school year of application (August - June). If membership is granted this will officially begin the following August 1st.

Please complete the following form and include as much information as you feel will illustrate the true situation of the school and how it is in fitting with the JCIS mission and requirements (link -
School Guiding Statements
Please provide the school's guiding statements either within this form or as an attachment. This should include such documents as the school mission, vision or philosophy, or similar.
Establishment and Stability
a) Give a brief description of the history of the school that would illustrate its level of stability. Include the year of foundation, enrollment growth and any interruptions to operations the school has experienced since its foundation.
Establishment and Stability
b) Provide evidence that would illustrate the school's financial ability to provide a quality education through programme and facilities for the sustainable future.
Governance and Administration
Give a brief explanation of the governance and and leadership structure of the school and where responsibilities and decision making lie within these.
Programmes and Practices
Give brief explanations of the curriculum / leaning programme (including the language of instruction and distribution if it is a bilingual programme)
Programmes and Practices
Give brief explanations of the student welfare support
Programmes and Practices
Give brief explanations of the engagement with stakeholders and wider community
Demographics and Internationalism
Give an overview of the demographics of the students (including the age range) and faculty for your school
Demographics and Internationalism
Offer evidence for how your institution offers your community an "internationally minded" experience
What outside independent accreditation does your school hold and what are the dates of eligibility
Give a brief description of the school's facilities. Please include photographs and if relevant, plans for future development
Contributions to JCIS
How can your school contribute to JCIS in our efforts to support and promote quality international education within Japan
I have read the published guiding statements for JCIS including the Mission, Member school Agreements, Application Criteria, Guidelines to Ethical Practice and Terms for Suspension or Termination of Membership and understand the criteria and requirements to be a JCIS membership school.
School Name
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