Dupage Township Resident Survey 2021
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Economic Development: Legal cannabis dispensaries should be allowed in Bolingbrook. *
Police: The crime rate has become too high. *
Police: There needs to be more transparent communication and community outreach from the police department to the residents. *
Police: The Police Department should utilize the village’s text alert system and/or social media to alert residents in a timely manner regarding safety threats and/or major road accidents. Example #1: When an armed suspect is fleeing through residential or business areas. Example #2: Vehicle crash blocking Rt. 53 & Boughton intersection, impacting traffic from three directions. *
Economic Development: The Route 53 gateway into Bolingbrook (former Century Tile plaza) is blighted and in need of redevelopment and beautification. *
Utilities: Village of Bolingbrook should regain control of water & sewer systems from privatized corporation, Illinois American Water. *
Utilities: Garbage service fees are too high, they should be decreased. *
Politics: There should be term limits for city, village, and township elected officials. *
Social Issues: Public employers (city/village, township, police, fire, school district) should be engaged in active Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives *
Beautification: There is too much litter in areas with pedestrian traffic, installing public trash cans is needed to discourage littering. *
Education: Teaching accurate women/LGBTQ+/indigenous/black/people of color history is important in public schools. *
Public Health: Not enough of the local population is vaccinated against COVID-19. (As of 07/06/21, approximately 47% of Will County’s population is fully vaccinated.) *
Public Health: We need more COVID-19 vaccine accessibility resources in our community. Ex: drive through vaccine clinics, in-home appointments for home-bound populations (individuals with mobility issues, seniors, etc). *
Public Health: Drug and alcohol addiction is a pressing issue in our community. Too many individuals struggle with substance use disorder and more resources are needed locally to combat this crisis. *
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