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CDW organizers want to help keep us all healthy and happy, safe and connected. For this reason we cannot move forward with an in-person dance week during our usual 4th of July week, but are exploring alternate ideas. This poll will ask about virtual summer offerings AND a potential fall dance weekend.
Any and all information you can give us will be very helpful and appreciated.
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I am interested in a Fall CDW Reunion (tentatively scheduled for the weekend of October 22, 2021)
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Beyond the facility's Room and Board expenses, CDW pays for sound, staffing, and more. In order to gauge financial feasibility of this event please respond with an amount you would be willing and able to pay beyond R&B per person. (This is not a commitment. CDW is simply gathering data)
At a Fall CDW Reunion I would be most interested in
Comments - Please tell us more! Add information about what your family members would enjoy or encourage them to fill out the survey as well.
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