The Power of Self Esteem 14th and 15th September, Darlington.
You are your most precious resource. The relationship you have with yourself, the way you think and feel about yourself (your self esteem) affects everything.

Issy Crocker will teach you skills and tools which will guide you away from the pain of repeated patterns of behaviour and thoughts that undermine you. In their place you will find a freedom to choose the life that will serve you. The tools and the audio materials used in the course will be yours to keep and use to enhance your life daily.

We invite you to invest in yourself in a way that could build your sense of joy and satisfaction in life; increase your confidence and enhance the way you relate to yourself and to others.

Prices range from £125 to £245 depending on your circumstances. There is an Early Registration Discount of £45 for new students, if you pay your non-refundable deposit before midnight on Friday August 30th.

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