FanficTalk Staff/Newsletter Editor Application (2021)
Applications for all roles are open until the 10th of the month - we encourage you to apply for as many positions as you're interested in, even if you're fairly new to the site. You must be at least 18 to apply for validator or moderator, at least 16 to apply for social media/event coordinator, and at least 13 to apply for community coordinator. (There are no age restrictions for house newsletter editors.) We'll notify you one was or the other by the end of the month you apply in - if we don't offer you a position immediately, we'll keep your application under consideration for an additional two months. After that, you'll need to apply again.

Please only answer questions applicable to roles you're applying for. If you'd like more information about the process and/or what each role entails, please check out our blog entry here:
[ALL] What is your FanficTalk username? *
[ALL] Which House are you in? *
[ALL] Which positions are you interested in? *
[ALL APPLICANTS] What do you think makes a good member of the teams that you're applying for, and why do you think that you would be a good fit? Please feel free to include past experience either on FFT or elsewhere, if applicable. *
[ALL APPLICANTS EXCEPT EDITORS] What does a typical week of activity on the archive and/or forum look like for you? What areas/activities do you tend to most gravitate toward?
[ARCHIVE VALIDATOR ONLY] Please select all true statements.
[EDITOR ONLY] What sorts of articles and/or common room activities would you be interested in contributing to, and why?
[EVENT COORDINATOR ONLY] Give one or two ideas for an event you might want to run. How would you approach the planning process? What aspects do you think are most important in ensuring its success?
[SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER ONLY] What social media platforms are you most comfortable with? What kind of content would you post on those platforms to promote a site activity or attract new members?
[FORUM MODERATOR ONLY] Please select all true statements.
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