ANTD Product Data Base Entry
Database of ANTD product meta data - including publications, presentations, software releases, data sets etc. Note this database is not meant to replace the WERB/NIKE system, processing your publications/presentations through WERB/NIKE is still required. Instead this database augments that system to give us the flexibility generate reports and web content of various forms.
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Product_Type *
Notes: Standards Contribution - draft standards, position papers and presentations made to a standards body. Standards Specification - final published standard. Software release - typically a github repository. Online system - Typically a running public internet service. If you choose other - email antd-admin: and suggest another product type to add.
Optional flags for the product above. Selected - include in a concise list of "Selected Products".
ALL NIST publications must be reviewed through the NIST Washington Editorial Review Board (WER). If this product is a document you should initiate a WERB review process at Once you initiate a WERB process input the WERB PubID number here. This is optional for now, but in the future I hope to scrape many of the other fields on this form from the WERB database.
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Product_Status *
Final = Published / Presented / Released / Deployed. Accepted = Accepted / Approved by external forum. Submitted = Submitted to external forum. Draft = Internal form, not submitted externally. NOTE: for IETF contributions - Submitted = individual draft, Accepted = working group draft, Final = RFC. Obsoleted = leave in list, but do not provide links. Withdrawn = do not print in external lists, but maintain in DB for history sake.
Citation_Date *
Date of publication / presentation / release. This will be the date used in the citation.
Citation_Title *
Title, without additional punctuation (e.g. ""). This will be title used in the citation.
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Citation_Authors *
Comma separate list of full names FirstName LastName (e.g., Jane Doe). This will be author list in citation. Use normal capitalization (not all CAPS). Note if your first or last name is comprised of separate words, use an underscore for spaces between those words.
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Citation_Reference *
The remainder of the citation *excluding DATE, AUTHORS and TITLE.* Typically: Journal, Volume, Pages or Conference. Please don't include DATE, AUTHORS, or TITLE. Those fields will be concatenated to this field to create a full citation.
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Projects *
Check the projects that are directly related to this product. If you choose other email with a suggestion of what is missing.
URL for a page on the NIST main web ( *that is specific to this product*. Note, this field is for web pages that describe the product (e.g., WERBed publication, software tool, etc). This is not for direct links to the final product (e.g., pdf file, or URL to software service (use the field below for direct links). If there is no specific NIST web page for this product, leave this field blank. In particular, do not include general project/program pages here.
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Some products (e.g., WERBed documents, software tools, services) have both a web page and a direct distribution/access point URL (e.g., github, Put the product direct access NIST URL here if appropriate. Note: DOI's preferred, but use the full URL for the DOI (e.g.,
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Many products have external (non NIST) URLs (e.g., journals, conferences, meeting archives, etc). If available use the publicly available meta data page (e.g., ieeeexplore, ACM digital library) as opposed to the direct link to the product (e.g., PDF) that might require membership. Note: DOI's preferred, but use the full URL for the DOI (e.g.,
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Optional: Prove the abstract for papers or a brief summary for other types of products.
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Optional: Provide a comma separated set of key words for this product.
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Optional: Other information you would like *publicly displayed* with this entry. Examples: "Best Paper Award, Invited Talk". See below for internal notes.
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Optional: Any other internal information you would like to provide about this entry. Note this WILL NOT be printed in any output of this database meant for external consumption.
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Item_Visibility *
Select which reports this item should appear in. External = public web, Internal = for NIST internal reports only, None = keep in DB for historic reasons, but do not include in reports, Delete = remove from database.
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