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We truly appreciate our speakers and want to make sure their experience is as smooth and positive as possible. These questions below will help us make sure you are fully prepared and properly marketed leading up to the event!

For your note, presentations tend to do best when between 30-40 minutes in length, with time after that for Q&A. Regarding the information below, if anything needs to be used verbatim (bio, presentation descriptions), please make note in that section. Otherwise, we may use a section of your copy or edit it for you if you'd prefer to send us a bullet-point overview. You can approve the final form.
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We may use this in marketing materials and for your introduction on event night. Feel free to share information about your profession (current role, past experience), experience/expertise, and accolades/awards/accomplishments. Think about the following questions: Who do you help? What do you do? How do you help them achieve? Your bio can be short: 75-100 words is plenty.
Proposed Presentation Title *
We like to make the presentation title as attractive as possible. If you can speak to 1-2 big benefits the audience will get, 1-2 main takeaways, or 1-2 big problems/challenges they will be able to avoid from hearing your talk, this can help us attract positive attention. If you would like our assistance in developing a presentation title, please write "Let's work on this together" below.
Your Presentation Description *
In the description, you can speak to big benefits, main takeaways, and problems/challenges avoided more in-depth than in the presentation title.
What specific audiences are you looking to target? Who will benefit from your presentation? *
What will they learn? What will they gain from implementing your presentation materials into their daily lives? *
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Location of Event *
Audio/Video Needs *
For those using slides or video, we ask that you bring your own laptop and a backup USB drive or cloud-access to your presentation files.  We will provide a backdrop and projector for you to connect to.
Would you like to offer a giveaway? *
If you answered yes and know what you want to give away, please describe the offer:
I understand I need to send a photo and logo for us in marketing leading up to the event *
These files can be sent directly by email to your engagement coordinator. The higher quality, the better. File types such as .ai, .psd, .jpg, and .png are acceptable.
Presentation Contract *
I, the presenter understand my responsibilities to keeping AMP-RI updated on my presentation materials. I confirm the presentation description stated above and if I choose to present about another topic, I must inform AMP-RI at least 3 weeks prior to my scheduled presentation. I, understand that I am doing this free of charge but I will put effort into this presentation so that it may be beneficial to both parties.
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