Request to Defer Student Teaching Semester
Please complete if you are not planning on student teaching the semester following Block V (for ECE and CSE majors) or Block III (for Adolescence Education candidates).
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Concentration (for ECE and CSE majors only)
Semester in which student teaching would occur without a break in education blocks (i.e. Fall 2020): *
Semester to which you wish you defer student teaching (i.e. Fall 2021) *
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By checking "yes" below, I am aware that if I do not take the education block preceding student teaching in the semester immediately prior to student teaching, I must complete 25 contact hours with students in a classroom situation that aligns with my certification area(s). I am also aware that I must keep a log of my time signed by the teacher/program director. These materials will be submitted to the Office of Field Experiences by the first day of the last month of the semester preceding the semester in which I plan to student teach. *
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