KatzenKinder Untitled Presale Entry Form
Hello Sir or Madam,

We have some items available for your perusal. These items will be available in larger quantities in a future sale, but for now they are limited to those depicted below. If you would like to purchase these, please use the following entry form to select your options and enter for a chance to purchase these caps.

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CONUS $4.25 / INTERNATIONAL $15 (USPS has decided to be Hitler, sorry... dunno what I can do about it at this point).
Cap Code Grid List Thing + Pricing
There are multiples of some designs and sets, please format as such:

T1 (1) + M4 (1)

Use the parentheses to specify the number of each desired cap, in the case that you want more than one of a particular item. Max (1) of any item.

MAX (2) total items won.

T - Topre R1 (ESC) Blanks - $13
M - MX HypeMonkey R1 - $18
B - MX R1 (ESC) Blanks - $13
FN - MX R1 + R4 (ESC + FN) - $18
Desired Cap Codes? *
Please list your desired caps below (ex. T1(1) + M4(1) *use parentheses to specify amount
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Max number of items? *
Set a number for the max number of items you'd like to win if chosen (FN Set counts as 1 item)
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Terns and conditions: All keycaps are poured and casted by hand. As such, slight variations / imperfections can be expected. Returns and exchanges will be allowed for functional defects only. KatzenKinder is not responsible for any damages incurred by end user (do not place keycap in bodily orifices). KatzenKinder has the right to refuse service at our discretion. *
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