Muslim Student Association SEEKING MATH TUTORS FOR FALL 2012 AND / or SPRING 2013
Requirements: Have a B+ or a higher grade in the subject you wish to tutor
Time commitment: 2 hours / regular school week

Submit the following application by September 7th 2012 (late applications may be accepted on case by case basis)

<h1>Why be an MSA tutor?</h1>
• Develop confidence in your MATH skills and help someone struggling in their studies for the sake of Almighty God.

• Bring MSA in forefront of other registered student organizations (RSO). Help MSA maintain their space in the CUB.

• Be a role model for other students in studies and volunteering.

• On-campus volunteering avenue. Be recognized as ‘volunteered for a valid RSO on WSU campus’ before you graduate. Build resume and develop new career options through service and student involvement.

• Strengthen MSA vision and presence on WSU campus without seeking /aiming monetary remuneration or any benefit in kind.

• Work with other tutors to build a useful program.

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