Still Live from NYC: Video Submission Form
Greetings, isolated artists!

We are all stuck indoors as well, but as long as our health and our internet connections remain stable, we will keep making programs by and for all New Yorkers who want to stay connected with politics and culture in this city. And now that we’re all-digital, we can reach New Yorkers-at-heart joining us from all over the world.

We want you to get involved!

We’re inviting artists in the NYC metro area working in all live arts disciplines to send us a short perfomance video they’ve made while the city’s been on pause for social distancing. Think ten minutes max but shorter than five is ideal. Go solo as a singer-songwriter or monologist, make a puppet show, stitch something together with collaborators in their own spaces, shoot a film of your cat, draw cartoons to accompany your own recorded music, anything goes as long as it’s your work and you’re cool with us sharing it online. We will use your submissions to create a series of digital variety shows we’ll live stream on our platforms this spring.

If anything on this form is unclear or you have questions, email us at and we’ll help.

Make and share! We can’t wait to watch what you create.

Team Greene Space
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Is all of the artistic work shown or heard in this video - including any visual art, musical compositions, and recordings - either original material by you or art/music that was produced and arranged prior to 1925? *
This is open to artists in the NYC metro area. Where do you live? If in NYC, tell us the borough/neighborhood, otherwise city or town is fine. *
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By submitting this form, you are agreeing that if we select your video to appear in a show, you will permit New York Public Radio to live stream your video as part of that show and to host it on demand within the archived version of the show that includes your video. We will not host it as a stand alone video, and you retain ownership of your own video. *
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