r/NewJersey TShirts

<center>We want to create tshirts for r/NewJersey and decided to make designing them a contest.

<u>The rules of the design contest are:</U>
<b>1)</b> Only ONE entry per person per username (I don't care how many novelty accounts you have. If your account has a very low amount of comment karma I will be suspicious. Please, be honest so that everyone has a fair chance)
<b>2)</b> The shirts have to be a good representation of ALL NJedditors
<b>3)</b> Keep the background colour of the shirt a solid colour and keep as few colours as possible in the actual design. The more colours in the design, the harder it will be to print and the more money it will be. Less ink colours means less money.
<b>4)</b> Do NOT use any sort of copyrighted media or images. ALL DESIGNS MUST BE ENTIRELY YOUR OWN. (This is a big one, for obvious reasons. We really don't need to get sued...)
<b>5)</b> Keep designs appropriate (You should be able to wear the shirt around your grandparents or grandkids and not feel embarrassed)
<b>6)</b> Upload all images as a link from Imgur (www.imgur.com)
<b>7)</b> Have fun

Entries for tshirt designs will be accepted until <b>September 30, 2012.</b> That's more than a month to get your designs in!

After the contest there will be a time frame for everyone to vote on the designs. This will be announced closer to the actual due date.

Questions? PM the mods in r/NewJersey or email r.newjerseyshirts@gmail.com</center>

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