KICK I - Customer discovery
KICK I focuses on the startup stage that goes from product-solution fit and prototypng to first customer acquisition, at a point when you have been talking to friends, family, surveyed some prospects and built a prototype. Here you will be able to continue testing your hypothesis to refine your VP, your test/MVP and get to your first sales. KICK I is a 4-week intense pre-acceleration accessible online through our LMS interactive platform “IHB Launchpad”. Here you will access the blogs, webinars, classwork, decks and forum where the IHB team and mentors follow your progress, answer to your questions online and post resources and news.

You can enroll to KICK I each month as the active part of the program lasts for 4 weeks.

- Access to LMS platform with repository of resources, forums, peers, mentors
- Access to IHB tailored consultations and mentoring online & offline
- Access to our networks of mentors, experts and impact investors both from Serbia and abroad (Spring-startup school from Vancouver; Impact Hub global network; etc)
- Access to 3-month connect membership at Impact Hub Belgrade for one person (more info: including online and offline participation to workbenches events

The compensation for KICK I program(for the team up to 4 people) with three months of Connect membership is 95€+VAT.
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