SCC Youth Ministry Parent Survey
This survey is designed to gather information on how I can most effectively accomplish God’s vision for this youth ministry. The Spiritual well-being of the youth starts and ends at home, so I look forward to hearing your input and combining that with my ministry at the church. The overall goal of this youth ministry is not to fit every youth’s specific wants/needs, but to create a ministry that can spread the Good News of Christ to anyone and everyone that we can reach. Thank you for your time, prayer and insight.

This survey includes questions about your youth. If you have more than one youth, you may prefer to complete a separate survey for each. Your survey will not be seen by anyone outside of the leaders at SCC.

YOUTH MINISTRY GOAL: To create clear, open, effective lines of communication with parents and youth.
What would be the most effective form of communication for you/your family: *
YOUTH MINISTRY GOAL: To partner with parents and families in the Spiritual growth and maturity of youth
Rank the TOP 5 areas below where the Youth Ministry could specifically help you and your youth in their growth and maturity. (1 = most important/critical … 5 = least important/critical)
Accepting Jesus Christ as Savior
Learning to read/study the Bible
Making faith more of a priority
Sharing their faith with their friends
Taking responsibility for their Spiritual growth
Choosing better friends
Making wiser choices
Improving/Developing social skills
Breaking habits/addictions
Developing a closer relationship with Christ
Developing better family relationships
Making decisions about the future
Dealing with an anti-God culture (music, movies and technology)
Other (please specify):
Your answer
How satisfied are you with where your youth is/are right now in their relationship with God?
Which statement best describes your Spiritual leadership at home?
How can we help you improve the quality of your family’s Spiritual life at home?
Which statement best describes your influence in your youth’s Spiritual decisions, including decisions about church and youth involvement?
YOUTH MINISTRY GOAL: To get each youth involved in a group where they meet consistently with other youth, led by adults, to have worship encounters with God, prayer, accountability and authenticity.
Considering sports, extracurricular activities, vacations, family and other commitments and priorities, please rank the following days/times when your youth would most likely be available to attend a youth meeting.
(1 = most likely, 2 = second most likely … )

Sunday Morning, 9 am-12:30 pm
Sunday Evening, 5:30-7 pm
Friday Evening, 7-9 pm
Wednesday Evening, 6:30-8:00 pm
Your answer
Rate the church schedule and calendar of events (including ALL that you are involved in)
Rate the YOUTH schedule/events
YOUTH MINISTRY GOAL: To regularly create environments where youth are encouraged and equipped in their relationship with Christ.
Which statement(s) best characterize your youth? (If specifying more than one, 1 = best characterizes, 2 = next best … )
Youth events are top priority to them
Participates whenever there is not another conflicting commitment
Participates primarily because as a family we require it
Participates only if there’s nothing else to do
Doesn’t participate
What kind of activities would you like to see the youth participating in?
Do you have any suggestions for fundraising activities:
Your answer
YOUTH MINISTRY GOAL: To create environments where youth feel comfortable and empowered to invite their unchurched friends.
Families and youth connect with a church body most effectively when they are invited and encouraged by their friends and neighbors. Please list any families who have who have 6th-12th graders in the area who are not plugged into a church body, who would benefit from being involved at SCC, and who you could invite and encourage to participate in any of our ministries. List family names, name of youth and any contact info you have.
Your answer
How can we assist you in getting these families connected?
YOUTH MINISTRY GOAL: To solicit help from parents and families in the execution and logistics of the youth ministry.
Rank the TOP 3 to 5 ways that you would be willing to help with the overall success of the youth ministry
(1 = most willing to help … 5 = least willing to help)
Chaperone events
Volunteer at outreach events
Provide assistance with praise and worship
Provide assistance with praise and worship
Coordinate community service opportunities
Open my home for group meetings
Assist, encourage, support other parents of youth
Volunteer wherever there is a need
Use my resources for youth activities (homes, land, boats, games, sporting equipment, etc.)
Would you be willing to make snacks for the youth group?
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