FMSS Emergency Vouchers Application
FMSS wants to support its members who may be struggling financially during their studies. If you require help this week with essential expenses, please complete the application form below for:
- groceries ($40 for singles, $60 for couples/families),
- transport ($20 petrol voucher or our communal FMSS Metrocard)
- medication ($20 voucher for a chemist)

Typically, only 2 vouchers will be granted per member, per semester. If you need more help, please use the FMSS Hardship Grant application form instead, found here:, or see below for more options.

Please note that due to the limited funds available, assistance will be provided at the discretion of the FMSS committee to those applicants demonstrating the greatest need. Applications will be approved by a joint decision of the Health and Wellbeing Officer and a member of the Executive Committee. Identifying information is required to arrange correct payment and will not be shown to those assessing the applications.

Emergency voucher applications will be assessed and responded to within 2 business days. If you have any questions or concerns, you can email

The FMSS Grants Scheme was established in the 1990’s with the aim of encouraging and fostering student extra-curricular activities. Up until 2016, the grants were intended to encourage activities that would develop skills or knowledge that may be beneficial to the medical student body. It was hoped that these grants would reimburse recipients who had chosen to pursue activities that were unable to be funded by other sources (e.g. academic grants which are mainly for academic projects). FMSS was particularly keen to support new and emerging leaders within the student body, whether that was in academic research, student advocacy or any other area.

From 2017, FMSS decided to reframe the Grants Scheme, making grants available as a resource for those who are experiencing financial hardship but don’t necessarily meet the strict criteria regarding building skills or knowledge for the society. The grants can still be used for any activity, such as those described above, provided however that relative financial hardship is demonstrated (i.e. the activity would otherwise be financially out of reach). Excitingly, this progressive change means that the Grants Scheme can now be accessed for a greater range of reasons, such as providing vital resources or services for any FMSS member in need.

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Other financial support options
• Grants and loans
• Financial counselling
• Advocacy with creditors

Wright Evans Partners financial advice

BOQ Specialist medical student accounts, loans, cards

Sponsors’ grants programs:

• Advance payments of Family Tax Benefits or Social Security Entitlements

No Interest Loans (NILs)

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