Usability Testing of Library Websites - For Students
We need your help please! We are carrying out a study at the moment to inform improvements to our library webpages. To start with, we are asking for student and staff volunteers to look at the library websites of other UK universities to find out when information is easy for people to locate and when it is more difficult. Any findings from this study will be used to make improvement to Sheffield Hallam's own library webpages.

We would like you to look at a selection of other universities' library webpages using this web form and try to find information about particular topics, making notes in the boxes provided to record what you think about the webpages as you do each activity.

All of your notes will be kept in confidence and anonymised so you are not identifiable in any way, and only the Sheffield Hallam staff involved in the study will have access to them. Certain comments might be quoted or paraphrased in user experience showcases to other Sheffield Hallam staff or in published research articles, but no identifying details will ever be given.

You can withdraw from this study at any time for any reason without explanation. If you don't click 'Submit' at the end of the form, your notes won't be sent through to us.
If you're happy to help, please tick the 'Yes' button to indicate that you have read this statement in full and agree to participate in the study. *
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