2024 Registration Part 1 - Orem City Marching Band
This 17-Question Google Form is the first step to joining the Orem City Marching Band. Both this form and Part 2 must be filled out before the first day of Parade Camp on Wednesday, May 29.
Here is a link to Part 2.
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Student First Name *
Student Last Name *
Preferred Instrument *
Shoe Size (best average size) - please indicate Mens or Womens, as in "M9" or "W8.5". *
T-shirt size *
Student BEST Email (the one you check the most) *
Student Cell Phone Number
Student Home Address, including ZIP *
School attending this fall. If attending more than one, select where you'll take your "core" band class. *
Grade Level for the 2024-2025 school year. *
Please list any events (and specific dates) which would conflict with marching band events between May 29-June 8 (Parade Season), and July 29-August 7 (Band Camp). If there are no conflicts, write "None". *
Parent First & Last Name(s) *
Parent Email *
Parent Best Phone Number *
Are you planning to perform in Parade and/or Show seasons? *
Student Health Challenges - Please disclose any physical or mental health challenges that may affect the student's ability to handle regular rehearsals and performances with the marching band. If there are no diagnosed health issues, please write "None". This information will be kept strictly confidential, and more details may be disclosed on the student medical form that will be submitted later. *
Do you approve the proposed overnight tour to attend the State Championship (Red Rocks) November 7-9? (Alpine District requires 80% or higher approval of all overnight trips) *
Commitment Statement - Please choose the statement that best describes your current commitment to participating in the OC Marching Band. *
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