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So you want to volunteer! Awesome, please let us know a little more about your availability and what sort of things you would like to be doing.
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To do some volunteer jobs you absolutely MUST be 18+ as of the start of the con as you may be required to be in areas where 18+ content is being discussed or presented. However, we will gladly accept volunteers who are 16+ for other tasks.
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IF you are certified (currently) and willing to perform first aid please complete (If you do not have any current first aid certifications or are uncomfortable performing first aid please skip)
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IF the opportunity were to arise would you want to be on Con Staff? (Volunteer in charge of Volunteers)
Con Staff is a volunteer position and is not a 'Board' position. They will be in charge of Volunteers and answerable to the Board of Directors. As such it is a requirement that any Staff positions be filled by those that are 18 or older and of sound mind.
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