Domestic Abuse Campaign Master Class
In Britain, like in much of the world, domestic abuse rates have skyrocketed since the onset of Covid-19 and the need to stay at home. Refuge has seen a 700% increase in calls to its helpline. Counting Dead Women has recorded that there have been points in lock down where double the 'normal' rate of women have been murdered by partners or former partners.

This is particularly important because even before Covid-19, three out of every five women who tried to access shelters in order to leave domestic violence were turned away because of lack of space. In the words of Sisters Uncut, “how can she leave if there’s nowhere to go?” We can perhaps add another question now, which is “why is there nowhere to go at a time of thousands of empty venues?”

Our campaign, backed by over 80,000 of you, has gone a long way. We've seen in our first win in London, with the Mayor announcing City Hall funded homes for survivors.

However, women are still in an impossible position. The government have announced £76 million for vulnerable communities. But the trouble is, only £10 million of that went to domestic abuse and the money was explicitly framed as being available to help plug gaps in the current capacity, and without a focus on emergency accommodation. It's wonderful that more women will have access to helplines or women's charity staff time, but it doesn't help those most at risk of injury or death and need to leave - a situation made all the more dire and likely by lock down.

We put in Freedom of Information requests to 126 councils and found that most Local Authorities didn't buy ANY additional beds for those escaping domestic abuse during lockdown. That is despite a 700% increase in calls to the Domestic Abuse Helpline and the fact that 15% of all calls were women specifically asking for emergency housing during July alone.

So this Christmas we're launching our new campaign - No Room at the Inn . Hearking back to the in the Christmas story, where Mary was a woman in desperate need, literally in the midst of labour, who no one made room for - this year, we're going to gear up to MAKE room for all those who need it.

If you'd like to come to our masterclass on the 6th or 9th of December and learn how you can get involved in this - please tell us a little bit about yourself below
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