Plug Your Power Leaks - With The Power Zone "Performance" Assessment
WELCOME! Taking this first step will help you discover the most significant influence you have as a leader to achieve your vision and improve your bottom-line. What typically holds leaders back from all the success they can have are what I call POWER LEAKS - these cause wasted time, wasted money and lack of using yours and the teams' strengths and talents. Knowing how well you're performing in your Power Zone will provide valuable insight as to which Power Leaks are draining your ability to transform your leadership into the vehicle necessary to - reach your VISION, increase business profits, and experience more joy in life.

INSTRUCTIONS: Please review the following questions and indicate if this is “currently” True or False for you. There is no right or wrong answer, be honest with yourself so we can laser in and help you find your biggest Power Leaks.

>> NOTE:: If your answer is more sometimes or honoring only part of the question, don't mark true. You will have a chance to further discuss your answers when we speak.

RESULTS: You'll discover your Power Zone Performance % level and its impact! The quiz will tally your SCORE at the end and this will be sent to the "email" provided. I will also include my calendar link to set up your NO COST assessment review call. There is no obligation, but I hope you'll take advantage of this limited-time offer! Either way you'll get the result and a few tips. To the power in you, René Johnson
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