WL Season 16 + Future Seasons Feedback
For the first long answer question answer it to the best of your ability! For the last three questions just write N/A if you do not have anything.
What is your name? *
Would you like to have ITL's version of No Lapping? *
Would you like to have Trolling become Mutual Agreement instead of Home Team Pick? (another format would be a Home Team Pick instead) *
Add Engine Class as a choice for Home Team/Higher Seed in Playoffs in Addition to Host and Bagging Format? (NOTE: Double Elimination will NOT be happening this season) *
Would you like Power Rankings for WL (and possibly other MKW competitions) within the year?
Would you like a compiled WL statistics list like MKU's within the year? (NOTE: due to limited data from moving to the new site, it will not be as thorough as MKU's)
Would you like to have a cup tourney (kind of like ITL's) within the next two years? *
Would you like to have Kart WL within the next two years? *
How do you believe troll penalties should be determined? (NOTE: this is just to see what the community thinks versus what council thinks, no changes for this will happen during this season, maybe a future one but no guarantee) *
If your clan's roster does not stay consistent between seasons, what are the reasons why? OR If your clan's roster does stay consistent between seasons, state so and the reasons why you believe that is the case.
We recently received complaints about the current disconnection rules that allowed a 2v5 to happen. Look over the current set of disconnection rules and write a "perfect" set of rules for them and we will see if we can use it.
What suggestions do you have for the Discord server? (NOTE: the RTWL and CTWL discussion channels will be staying representatives only)
What other suggestions do you have for the league? (outside of division format and CT format, they will be separate discussion threads for you guys)
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