Letter of Rec from Ms. Cortez
* Thoroughly complete this Google Form with detail so I can personalize a letter of recommendation for you. I will not be able to write a letter for you unless you fill out this form.

* I will likely write you a letter of recommendation if you ask me with enough advance notice (at least a month). Writing a thoughtful letter of rec takes time and is an important aspect of getting an idea of who you are and what you represent. Some tips on how to get a good letter of rec: https://goo.gl/qWAaNR, https://goo.gl/2i5j7g

* Email me that you have completed the form (jennifercortez [at] berkeley [dot] edu) and include in your email a brag sheet or résumé with the subject line: Your Full Name - Letter of Rec

* I highly recommend that you apply to the scholarship program organized by the counseling department by completing the Educational Profile application. Check this page for details: https://goo.gl/oQcgxu. Once the school year begins, kindly ask Ms. Carol Ramirez, the head counselor, for any questions you may have. She's an excellent resource.

* Important to note: When you show interest in class, you are putting yourself in a position to reap dividends in the future. Be engaged in the classroom. Your teachers are passionate about their field. They know who you are.


Ms. Cortez

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Tell of a time or circumstance, if possible. General memories are not as good as specific instances. For example, if you write, "I learned so much about writing in your class..." this is not very convincing to a reader, versus, "I remember when you had us connect 'The Crucible' to modern witch hunts and the #MeToo movement in a Socratic seminar, and I realized... " or "I remember when you assigned us the #GritItTogether project to practice grit and a growth mindset and I realized..." or "I remember when you had us tie in Transcendental characteristics to a UC Personal Insight prompt of our choosing to reflect on individuality and nonconformity and I realized..." Just some examples!
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For example, are you the first in your family to go to college? How have you overcome academic or personal challenges? Remember, upon submitting this Google Form, email me (see directions above) and include in your email a brag sheet or résumé, where I will be able to refer to other information about you.
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