Love Your Body Challenge
Want to Be on Top of YOU this year?

Need a Routine that serves you and your family?

Tired of short cuts that don’t work for the Long Haul? Tired of fad diets and the yo-yo of regaining + what you already lost?

Tired of feeling frustrated and wanting to be proud of your body now without giving up on the hope of losing weight for good?

Need more time, more energy, more positive mindset in your life?

We make that time and energy to create a new reality. How? Together with the support of a team, we give ourselves 100%, then we have 100% more to put into creating our life and the relationships that matter most. Pipe dream? No!

We use only the best for our Group. With the Best, you can be, your best.

The Best comes from personal experience. I’m the Best Personal Chauffeur on this journey, I’m a seasoned holistic nutritionist with 9 years of experience. I am also a survivor of a life long battle with body image and my weight. I know how dark and deep the downs can be. I’ve lived them my whole life. Not anymore. Not for some time.

The best world-renowned weight loss expert for positive and life long results. Her name is Ilana Muhlstein RDN

The Best service online, is the number one netflix of fitness with the most uninspiring name, Beachbody. I know, cringe-worthy name, but the values and ideals they represent are not EXclusive but INclusive, a beachbody is for everybody, no one at any size should be left out. In that spirit they have a plus size line in all clothing brands, modifiers, larger and smaller sized people in every workout series. Coaches and mentors are in every shape and color. Don't let a parent company name chosen in 1970 stop you from rising strong. Beachbody is the best producer of the highest quality online fitness programs in the world. It is the most innovative, more results focused and best produced platform period.

Now if you want to join us, Learn more below and get tips, recipes and updates on upcoming groups opening throughout the year.
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HI! I'm your Mentor Lily Aronin I am also a Certified Holistic Nutritionist. I develop a positive mindset around food and workout everyday with my husband and it has changed my life and our family of 7.
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This isn't a shake weight loss program. Our supplements are about long term overall health and wellness. That's why the first bag is on us, and after that its either a part of the lifestyle you love or you don't. No penalty no cancellation fees or services. That includes the fitness performance line and bars.
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