All Of Us Event - Low Income Application
We are happy to assist a select number of people with low income tickets who would not otherwise be able to attend All Of Us. In order to qualify for a low-income ticket you must show a financial need to attend the event. Base price tickets for this event are $250 which include breakfast, dinner, and lodging for this 5 Day/4 Night event. Please consider paying as much as you can to attend up to our base price so that as many attendees can join us. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis and submissions received first will be prioritized over later submissions. Thank you for your interest.
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Base price for this 5 Day/4 Night event is $250: how much can you afford? *
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Generally, recipients of low-income tickets take on additional volunteer shifts throughout the week. If awarded a ticket through this process, an event organizer will reach out to get more information and schedule shifts for you to complete during the event. In the meantime, please give us your volunteer availability. *
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