All Of Us Event - Low Income Form
You are asking for a ticket that is less than the pricing currently showing on Eventbrite. You must show a need. We ask that if you can afford the full price that you pay it as it does cost us +/- $30 per person per day to host the event including housing and food. We want you out there with us... with All Of Us. Complete the form and we will reply within 72 hours with a code to make your purchase. Thank you for understanding.
Legal Name
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Playa Name
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Phone Number
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Given the $175 base price for the 5 day / 4 night event: how much can you afford?
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What city is you home base?
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How are you getting to the location? 2.5 hours north of San Francisco?
What is your annual base income?
I understand that this ticket access can be rescinded if the information presented is untrue or called into question.
I need
I understand that with this lower priced ticket I will be expected to help out more than my peers with either setup, breakdown* and/or activities through the week. That I may be assigned by the Volunteer Manager as needed without losing out on your weekend experience. Select all that apply
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