Loyola Law Externship Application Summer 2019
Before completing the application, students should make sure to understand the requirements and have a sincere interest to pursue an externship. Please make sure all information is accurate and ready to submit. Once this application is complete, email Prof. Linares at halinare@loyno.edu to schedule a meeting. He will provide further instructions with regard to materials needed for the placement(s) you have selected. Please check your email and phone messages to ensure prompt communication with the placement and with Prof. Linares throughout the application process.
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1 credit = 60 hours; 2 credits = 120 hours; 3 credits = 180 hours. Some placements may require a minimum 2-credit-hour time commitment.
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All work at the field placement office should ideally be completed within the official start and end date of the summer semester. However, Prof. Linares will strive to accommodate students wishing to split their summers or enroll in study abroad programs with the agreement of the placement.
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List the name(s) of the externship opportunity you would like to pursue. Rank your top three choices.
List the names of the placement agency with your first choice at the top. If you have already received and accepted an offer from an organization and are now seeking to convert the opportunity into an externship, please indicate this, provide all contact information for the placement/supervisor, and do not list two other choices.
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If yes, please list the employer and the hours per week. (This is important to ensure there is not an ethical conflict of interest)
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All documents must be uploaded through Simplicity under your profile.
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