Content Strategist Freelance Income Survey
It can be difficult for content strategists to find accurate information on what our peers are making for similar work. By sharing this information among ourselves, we'll be better equipped to understand what fair pay looks like and negotiate prices informed by real data.

There are several questions beyond just hourly rates because many factors go into setting market-rate prices. This survey is intended for sole proprietor freelancers and is inclusive of people who only freelance part-time.

This survey shouldn't take more than 5-10 minutes to complete.

Privacy: Your email address isn't recorded when you submit this survey, so results are anonymous. All of the raw data you provide, however, will be visible to everyone who completes the survey, so be thoughtful when sharing personally identifiable information.

When you complete this survey, you'll also be able to access results from the content strategist salary survey. This project is intended to be a sharing experience (only people who contribute information can see information), so please be fair and respectful of your peers by not distributing the results.

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