SISPAC Volunteer Form 2019-2020
"Serve as if everything depends on you; trust as if everything depends on God." --St. Ignatius

SISPAC provides a chance to use one's talents, to engage in service, to learn new skills, and to enhance the experience of the entire family. Many of the extra-value activities and events that occur at St. Ignatius are a direct result of the tremendous support received from parent volunteers. They could not take place without the commitment of all of our families.

We have so many great events here at St Ignatius that build our community and provide our children with a full, well rounded school experience. To make all this happen we require every family to contribute a few hours of their time. Getting to know other parents, getting a better understanding of the school, and having a lot of fun times are just a few of the benefits!

SISPAC is pleased to offer this online version of our Volunteer Form. We would appreciate it you could please complete this survey by September 30, 2019 so that SISPAC can coordinate and fill positions for the year.
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Occasionally, SISPAC takes photos at school events and may wish to publish some of them in the Weekly Update or on the SISPAC website or social media accounts. Please indicate below your approval to publish any pictures of yourself.
SISPAC will use the information you will enter in this survey to create a 'volunteer database,' which will in turn be used to create email distribution lists for the various SISPAC Events & Activities. Please indicate below if you agree to allow SISPAC to circulate the personal information collected by this survey to SISPAC Coordinators and SISPAC Executive members as required, for the sole purpose of coordinating volunteers for a specific event or activity.
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