WWL 2018 Starcraft 2 signups
SC2 Tournament Rule

All the matches up until Semi-Finals are BO3 (Single Elimination Rule)
Map Pool- Current ladder map
Before pick the map each player gets to ban one map each. The person who is in lower MMR gets to pick the map first then whoever loses the first match gets to pick the next map.
Semi-final, Final: BO5- Same rules
(Make sure to set the extension mod to the WCS Gameheart.)

Handicap Rule.
If your opponent is one or more league above you, the player that has higher rank than other is required to play 80% handicap. However, if you are Gold, Silver, or Bronze and the opponent is Diamond or higher, then player in higher league is required to play off-race by lower league player’s choice.

Season 3 Map Pool

• Fracture LE
• Acid Plant LE
• Blueshift LE
• Dreamcatcher LE
• Cerulean Fall LE
• Lost and Found LE
• Para Site LE

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