Registration for College Knowledge Camp: D.I.V.A.S by Design
Join us as we start off 2020 by dreaming big, planning smart, and making a difference. Learn vital tools and skills that can improve your high school journey to be a FIERCE first step toward the college experience you desire!

The Girls Initiatives College Knowledge Camp is a FREE 4 day intensive for 9th - 11th graders interested in learning more about high school student success and college readiness. This year's theme: DIVAS by Design (Dynamic, Innovators, Visionaries, Artists, & Scientists) explores pathways to increase the representation of women of color in creative design fields.

DIVAS by Design meets February 18th -21st, from 11am - 3pm. This opportunity is open to self-identified girls and gender nonconforming youth, ages 14 -18. Develop artistic talents and advance your studies in science and technology through workshops, college tours, and field trips that offer effective ways to pursue a degree in the arts and sciences!

DIVAS by Design engages participants in conversations, activities, and experiences that explore important aspects of self-exploration, youth leadership, and social awareness. Activities will include:

- Exploring your passions and purpose
- Developing a personalized high school checklist for college acceptance
- Interactive Workshops
- Field Trips
- Local campus tours
- ... AND MORE!

DIVAS by Design is open to female-identified and gender nonconforming youth, ages 14-18, in 9th - 11th grade.
*** Stipends, Metrocards, Lunch, Snacks, & Certificates of Completion Provided***


Program Dates: Tuesday, February 18th - 21st
*** TIMES and LOCATIONS vary!! ***

Tues 2/18: 11AM - 3PM (YWCA office)
Wed 2/19: 11AM - 3PM (Field Trip - TBA)
Thurs 2/20: 11AM - 3PM (New York School of Interior Design)
Fri 2/21: 11AM - 1PM (YWCA Office)

SPACE IS LIMITED. You MUST register by Friday 2/7 at 5pm!
Questions? Email Paige at
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