Read the text below. Decide which answer (A, B, C or D) best fits each gap. There are three sections.
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Night Shift in A & E
Time: 20.00
I am a senior registrar A & E doctor in a major teaching hospital. I qualified (1) ---- 10 years ago and have been an A&E doctor for most of my career. This is the diary of a (2) ----- night shift in my A & E department.

The (3) ---- service calls. They’re bringing in a very unwell 80-year-old with difficulty in breathing. He’s going to need the resuscitation room, but it’s still full. I have to decide which of the sick patients in there can come out to a less high priority area.

1. I qualified ---- ten years ago
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2. This is the diary of a ------ nightshift
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3. The ---- service calls.
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