2018 LLHSM Conference Evaluation
Thank you for attending the 65th Annual LLHSM Meeting on October 27 in Woodstock. We appreciate you taking a moment to help us plan future conferences & programs. If you have any additional questions or comments, feel free to contact Eileen Corcoran at eileen.corcoran@vermonthistory.org.
1. How would you rate your overall experience today?
2. How would you rate the Keynote Address?
3. Workshop 1: Attended
4. Workshop 1: Rating
5. Workshop 2: Attended
6. Workshop 2: Rating
7. Workshop 3: Attended
8. Workshop 3: Rating
9. Workshop Comments
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10. Meeting Location and Amenities in Woodstock
11. Meals & Refreshments
12. Location & Amenities Comments
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13. What was the most useful component of today's program? Why?
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14. What was the least useful component of today's program? Why?
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15. What topics or themes would you like to see addressed in future meetings or workshops?
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16. Other Comments or Suggestions?
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