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Who are we?
We are the Techno Titans from Northview High School. We are a high school robotics team who compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition every year where we build 120 pound robots. The process of constructing the robot requires extensive knowledge of all aspects of STEM. We do this summer camp in order to raise funds, promote STEM to younger children, and to offer a fun experience to the kids.
Description of Activities
FLL stands for FIRST Lego League and it is a competition designed to get young children excited about STEM by competing with Lego robots. We will start the week by teaching fundamentals of FLL through hands on activities, and later create a mini FLL game where the students will compete to win prizes!!! We have expended our summer camp to have a week of FLL activities so that the FLL teams we mentor can meet each other and to get more people interested in FLL.
This summer camp will be from July 22 - 26, 8 AM to 4 PM. There will be a lunch break at 12 although only snacks will be provided so please bring your own lunch. Students are required to bring their own laptops (if this is not possible email us at northviewrobotics@technotitans.org and we can provide a laptop). The total cost will be $325.00, we only accept checks made out to the Techno Titans Robotics Foundation. We are also a non-profit organization so all proceeds will do directly to improving our robotics team.
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