Live website editors that work for (almost) any complex and customized webpages.
It's quite cumbersome to create a shiny customized website and then to discover that maintaining it is tedious, fixes take long time and styling is burdensome.
We believe that it should be as easy as to visually modify the page, even if the page is dynamic, dynamically generated, or static.

We invite you to participate in our NSF-funded research study about website design and maintenance. We would like to test our hypothesis that using AI and visual tools for website editing will reduce cost and increase productivity. Our goal is to learn about your daily pain points in website editing, you current solutions, and how our research might help.

In our informal 30-minute interviews we will first get to know you better, and then show you a demo of what a live website editor powered by A.I. would look like. We will leave you with the possibility of testing the prototype.

Provide us with your information below so that we can schedule an interview with you.

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