Buni internship application form
This form is the initial step towards becoming a member of Buni hub internship program. Please answer all the questions carefully bearing in mind that quick and improper reply to the questions might cost you the opportunity to join the hub. The form explains clearly what you need to do. In case anything is not clear please send an email to rahimmngwaya@gmail.com or pmandele9@gmail.com.

General requirements to all Buni members include:

- All the time you are at Buni hub you should follow principles and regulations of using the hub.
- Mismanagement of hub resources and vandalism will not be entertained.
- Buni hub is not a library, chilling place, internet cafe or relaxing place you should be working on an ICT project
- All members using the hub at all time should have their ID cards for accessing the hub this is for security reasons.
- Every member should be attached to at least one programme or membership type that engage him directly to the hub.
- Visitors will have seasonal visiting cards that they are required to submit them back soon after leaving the hub premises.
- Torrenting and pornography is strictly prohibited at the hub.
- Streaming entertainment videos, playing online games is not allowed during working hours.
- Community meetups are compulsory to all members as long as your are physically available at the hub.
- Buni hub management has the right and authority to cancel your membership in case you fail to meet the requirements.
- You are responsible for your personal cleanliness and taking care of your belongings.
- You are required to pay 10,000 for membership registration.

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