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Welcome to Nik’s Picks! This exclusive club gives you access to beautiful inventory, all handpicked just for you!

How does it work? Each month, I will private message you via Facebook with four to five pieces I have personally chosen for you. Some items will match, and others will just be great additions to your wardrobe. Within 24 hours, you will message me back to let me know which of the items you would like to claim. If you claim three or more items, I will include a mystery pair of earrings in your package. If you claim four or more items, I’ll add a mystery cup as well.

A nominal fee of $19.99 per month is required to participate. You are not obligated to purchase any items through this program, but if you do your $19.99 will be applied toward your purchase. Want to end your enrollment? No problem! Just let me know. Thank you for your consideration!

Would you like to earn bonus coupons? Refer a friend and receive rewards based on her first purchase! Email me at or message me on Facebook for more details.

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