Steppin' UP 2021 Declaration - Free Trial
Thank you for getting in touch, completing a Free Trial Registration and sharing your child's interest in Steppin' UP's in-person classes. This form should only be completed by those intending to attend a Steppin' UP class and it must be completed separately for each child attending.

At Steppin’ UP, we are taking every precaution to provide secure safety for our students and staff during the Coronavirus pandemic on return to in-person classes. Every step we have and will continue to take has been guided by the Government, industry professionals and each of our venues requirements. Until further guidelines are provided for after school settings, we will be following any necessary social distancing measures and cleaning protocols in every class, and this may result in changes in class numbers and timings, as you will be aware. We will not require that students or teachers wear masks at this time, if advise changes we will reconsider for teacher use only.

While we will put strict measures in place to prevent exposure to the virus, like with any other public area/place, we cannot guarantee by bringing your child to class, they will not be exposed to the virus. In order for everyone to do their part to keep our classrooms and stages a safe place, we must ask all parents/guardian to agree that if your child or anyone in your household becomes unwell with a raised temperature of 37.8’c+, a persistent new cough, loss of sense of smell and taste and/or have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19, you must stay at home, self isolate for the recommended duration, and not bring your child to class.

We will require you to notify us immediately if you, your child or any member of your household contracts COVID-19, or has been in contact with another who has and you have been to an UP class. If we have learned of a student or member of staff who has tested positive for COVID-19 we will notify all participants at that location, as well as the venue itself. Registers will be kept, as per usual so that we are able to track and trace if necessary. Further details of all COVID-19 procedures will be detailed in our FAQ sheet for parents (that will be shared with all new and returning customers) as well as the Risk Assessments we'll be completing for each of the venues we teach at (which will be available by request).

Without this form signed, you will not be allowed to return or attend any Steppin' UP classes. Our priority is your safety and the safety of our staff, so all the actions stated above are significant to follow for ensuring everyone's protection as we return to classes.

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Sign Declaration: By ticking the box below, you agree to the above statement and renounce any claims of liability against Steppin’ UP or the company teachers, if you or your child should contract Coronavirus, despite our best efforts to prevent this.
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