Billboard Placement Interest Form
For Cryptovoxel parcel owners to apply to place a billboard on their parcel(s)
Billboard 1.0 in Sugar Club
What is your Twitter handle?
What is the Ethereum address you'd like to receive your 25% commission at?
How many Cryptovoxels parcels do you own?
What are the addresses to the parcels you own? (i.e. 6 Bacon Arcade)
What area of Origin City are your parcels located in? (i.e. near Makers in Origin City)
What are the links to your Cryptovoxels parcels? (i.e.
What are the coordinate links to your Cryptovoxel parcels? (i.e.,58N)
What are the coordinates to your Cryptovoxels parcel? (i.e. E@147E,58N)
What is the main use for your Cryptovoxels parcels? (i.e. Events, Art Gallery, etc.)
Do you host events on your Cryptovoxels parcel?
Clear selection
Other than a human, what are you?
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What is the email address to best contact you regarding your interest?
Do you plan to keep the billboard up on your parcel as a passive revenue stream?
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If you have anything you'd like to add, this is the place and now is the time!
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