Youth Learning Code Application
No coding experience required and everyone is welcome.

Youth Learning Code is a part-time, evening and weekend program designed to move you toward being a Full Stack Developer. After you fill in this application, we contact you for an interview to talk about the program and what you can expect.

Questions with a red asterisk require an answer. No asterisk means an answer is desired rather than required.
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First Name *
A real name is required. Applications using agency names are automatically rejected.
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Address (e.g. 501-341 Bloor St. W.) *
We only need your street address. All applicants are from inside Toronto.
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Age Range *
Preference is given to people age 13-29. You are still welcome to apply if you are older than that range. You can join the program if there is an available seat. That point made, there is a specific program for parents of participants.
Are you currently in school or working? *
There is no requirement for you to be in school or working. Knowing this just helps us schedule an interview.
What experience do you have with computers? *
Please check as many as apply to you.
What do you like about learning to code? *
Please keep this answer short (200 words or less). We can talk more during an interview. For now, we just want to know what catches your interest so we have a conversation starter. You're welcome to use point form or paragraphs.
What activities do you do in school or your community?
Do you play a sport, volunteer somewhere, or help take care of your siblings?
What is your household income? (Choose One) *
We do require your most recent tax assessment to verify household income. Tuition is calculated on a sliding scale.
Please check any of the following that apply
YLC accepts applications from anyone in a low-income household. These descriptions are for statistical use only. Many funding programs want to know if we are reaching these target groups. This question is OPTIONAL.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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