VOPO Philippines β›΅ MODIBODI Local Scholarship 2019
We need your help!

After reading the responses and seeing the profiles of each outstanding finalist here:

πŸ‘‰ https://vopo.earth/negros-expedition

Complete the voting form below to assist us with selecting the local Dumaguete, Philippines Scholars for EARTH VOYAGE 2019. The Scholarship program includes 4 nights at Danjugan Island Sanctuary with VOPO Earth adventurers, SWEEP, Adventure Bag Crew & partners, sailing together on the VOPO Earth Voyager from Dumaguete. With all ecological activities & signature workshops, plus ongoing mentorship and global opportunities included in this exciting scholarship program.

Thank you to VOPO Philippines sponsoring partner, MODIBODI Australia for making this life-changing opportunity possible for ambitious Filipinos in one of the most economically challenged regions of the world.

To assist this incredibly challenging selection process, we have provided three categories.

🌏 Skill & Experience
🌏 Passion & Potential
🌏 VOPO Spirit

Take the time to read each entrants answers and see a short bio on each of the wonderful young women who have been selected as finalists for the VOPO Philippines MODIBODI Local Scholarship program 2019.

πŸ‘‰ https://vopo.earth/negros-expedition

Thank you to EARTHWELL, GRAYL, LifeStraw & Metta Energy, for sponsoring the Earth Voyage with sustainably designed adventure gear, awarded to the standout Earth citizen in each category, and the overall MODIBODI Local Scholarship winner being selected based on a calculation of total votes !!

All four finalists will receive a MODIBODI eco sanitation kit, including their range of sustainable, gorgeous underwear and swim garments.

ABOUT Modibodi Australia

The Modibodi team truly believe that women are undefinable and unstoppable. No matter what her size, shape, sexuality or story, we want to inspire the ladies in our life by opening up the conversations others are too afraid to have. For women who genuinely respect their bodies on the inside as much as the impact they’re having on the outside. And that’s why Modibodi exists: to give sassy, intelligent women more freedom and flexibility at all times of the day (and month). But also, to empower the kind of change that every bodi can be part of. 🧑


Thank you to our incredibly generous Survival Kit sponsors, who support VOPO Earth to keep expeditions single-use plastic free & inspire all participants and partners through closed-loop concepts and ingenious design.


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Check out the experience of Aprille, VOPO Philippines Local Scholarship winner 2017-18.
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