Pre-convention to the Dutch Acro 2020
Registration for the 9th annual Preconvention to the Dutch Acro Convention. The convention starts in the afternoon on May 24th. and concludes after breakfast on May 29th. And just as last year we offer a intensive Weekend with the choice of "Icarian Games" or "Advanced standing acrobatics" the weekend before May 23&24th. You can join either event or get a combi ticket. And yes, we would love to have YOU training with us!
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We will announce designated times to take the bus so we can pick up people together.
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Are you a flyer, base or both? (This is important for us to know so we can help balancing the festival out)
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With joining this Pre-Convention program, I am fully aware of the risks involved in this sport, and I take full responsibility for my own safety. I do not hold the teachers, organizers or host responsible for any injuries that might occur during this practice.
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To be informed you should know that this is a acro practice in the tradition of Dutch acrobatics and is not an Acro Yoga event.
Pre-convention versus Dutch Acrobatics Convention *
To be informed you should know that these are two separate events and have different structures. The 2018 Dutch Acrobatics Convention will be held in the town of Hilversum or Arnhem. You will have to register for the Dutch Acrobatics Convention separately. Please register in time for last year the event got sold out. Their web site:
To secure your space we ask for a 80 EURO deposit, and then to pay the remainder of the fee on arrival.
We ask for a 80 € non refundable deposit so we know that you are committed to joining us. Non refundable so we are sure to have met the costs involved in organizing this event in case you can't make it. If you can't make it and you know, please get get in touch. As we maybee can arrange it so you can sell your spot to a person from our waitlist and then they can give you your 80€ back, you can not sell your ticket to just any person it has to be with our permission. Thanks for understanding!
Would you like to bring your kids to Pre-convention?
We want to make the preconvention child friendly. We would like to offer a half day child care/ child fun program in cooperation with Nicola Helmink a good friend of us. The kids could join her programm from Monday to Thursday (4 day s), half day. Please note we do not take responsibility for anyone's children, as children will only be allowed to join in collaboration with a parent. Which means that you the parent will have to register and be overlooking your child as their safety and well being will stay your responsibility. We need to ensure that no acrobatic sessions will be interupted by children or theire needs. For the child we won t need a deposit, but entree fee's, which includes food and half day kids fun. Prices are 3 to 9 years old 180,- € , 10 to 15 years old 1,- €, from 16 years old regular pricing.
Spaces for Kids are limited and need to be requested.
I would be interessted to join with my child(ren)
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Payment info Bank transfer:
bank acount nr: 117108480
of Mr Douwes in St hubert.
Achterdijk 100
5454NT St hubert
Iban: NL52 RABO 0117108480

Payment info Paypal:
Paypal account under

-When you paid your 80 Euro deposit your place is secure.
-When paying your deposit, please ad in the description: first name, Last name and "pre-convention 2019".
-Be sure the whole amount arrives on Nikos account and not a regular amount with transfer costs abducted from the deposit amount!!!
- You can pay the rest of the amount in cash on arrival.
Put your deposit down to secure your spot. *
Only once we have received your payment, then your place in the Pre-Convention is secured. From your registration date you have 10 working days time to transfer the 80,- € to our PayPal or Bank account. The deposit is non refundable!
Pre- Convention
will includes camping from Sunday night until Friday morning, and meals from Sunday dinner to Friday breakfast. It also includes six hours of acro training every day with professional acrobatic teachers. Evening program as massage etc. sauna and swimming in canal.

If you want to stay in a real bed you can book a hotel nearby. On I found farmhouses and home stay options near Beuningen. Last year they were easy on lending out a bicycle which people used to get to our event grounds.
The Weekend Intensive "Icarian Games" or " Adanced Standing Acrobatics"
will include camping from Saturday to Sunday and meals from Saturday lunch to Sunday lunch. It also includes 6 hours a day of training "Icarian Games" with Hobs and Kena or " Advanced Standing Acrobatics" with Forma Fortis
If you want to stay in a real bed you can book a hotel nearby. On I found farmhouses and home stay options near Beuningen. Last year they were easy on lending out a bicycle which people used to get to our event grounds.
If you have any questions send an e mail You will receive a confirmation e mail within 24 hours or less of your registration. Please make sure to check your spam folder or add the e mail to your adress book.
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