2023 NYC Cabaret Application
This applicant is seeking acceptance to On Stage Collective's NYC 2023 Cabaret Performance Experience. We are casting for BOTH Youth (ages 13+) AND Adults (ages 18+).

If accepted, the participant will work with a professional theatrical staff as well as a cast of other talented performers from across the country to rehearse and perform the show at a premier cabaret venue in the heart of New York City. The participant will remain in NYC for the duration of the performance week (June 7-10, 2023) and be responsible for attending all rehearsals & company events.

Participants must be flexible and adaptable, respectful of staff and peers, focused and disciplined during long rehearsals, and face a challenging performance week with maturity.

The applicant must submit the following in full for consideration: a completed participant application, 1 recommendation form (submitted directly from the reference) from someone who has worked with them in voice lessons or who can attest to their musical development, 1 current professional color headshot, and either attend a live Zoom audition (sign up here) or submit 2 full song video recordings in a musical theater or cabaret style (Songs can originate from off-broadway, MT song cycles/stand alone songs, movie musicals or Disney - no pop, jazz or other CCM styles will be accepted. Recordings cannot be auto-tuned, filtered or recorded with any other voice altering apps or software).

Recordings will be accepted in the form of YouTube links and should be emailed with the participant's headshot to admin@onstagecollective.com. The subject of the email should be in the format: Last Name, First Name Video Submissions.

Applicants are accepted on a rolling basis; however, once all cabaret roles are cast, registration will close. Please complete this form and submit at your earliest convenience.

Participation fee includes all performer perks as indicated on the website. Additional cast events differ based on selected package. Silver, Gold, & Platinum Packages: $2100-$2600

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YOUTH CAST APPLICANTS ONLY: How do you think you will respond to a busy week full of new relationships and experiences, physically demanding rehearsals, and being away from home?
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