HXPCS Refund Request/ 退费申请
After you fill out this request, please check your HXPCS account for balance after minimum ten (10) business days. If you have any question, please Contact us at registration@hxpcs.org

请在申请递交10-15个工作日后,登录HXPCS家庭账号,查询退款详情。 如有疑问,请email : registration@hxpcs.org

General Rules:
Since March 8, 2020 (Week18), any class which is not available for online teaching is eligible for refund. The refund amount is prorated based on missing weeks. (See sample)
Badminton 6-11, Tuition : $210. Missing Weeks: 12. Total Scheduled School Weeks: 29.
Eligible Refund amount = 12/29 * $210 = $86.90

从3月8日,第18周起,任何没有提供网络教学的文体课,都符合退款条件。 退款总数按照所缺课时与学年总课时比例进行计算,请参照下面的算例:
羽毛球 6-11, 学费: $210. 所缺课时:12 学年总课时:29
退款数目= 12/29 * $210 = $86.90

PS: School Credits has no expiration date. Any unused credits can be issue a school check as request in the future.
注:School Credits 没有过期日期, 余额可随时申请学校支票。
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