Colorado Anime Fest 2020 Artist Application

We are looking for artists who will provide a fun and happy shopping experience for our convention members. If that's you, we'd love to see you at COAF 2020!

Please note that Artists' Alley is only intended for people selling things they have created themselves! COAF requires artists to comply with all common industry standards and practices regarding fanart. COAF has a strict, zero-tolerance policy regarding bootlegs and trademark violation. No items sold in Artists' Alley should use any kind of images or words that the seller does not have a right to reproduce or repurpose, including as a part of the table display or merchandise packaging. If you are not an artist or creator, Artists' Alley is not the place for you. If you're not sure, please feel free to email and ask before filling out this form! Thanks!

Do you represent an organization whose primary function is promoting a convention/event/business/anything besides selling merchandise? Please contact Communications:

Table Pricing:
One Standard (1) in-line table, (1) badge: $85
Two Standard (2) in-line tables, (2) badges: $170

Additional artists may share a tablespace for an additional $45 per artist to cover badge cost and table fees, but all sharing artists' information must be included in a single application at the time of entry. Studios that work on projects under one name may register as one artist and purchase membership badges for remaining members. You are welcome to have any registered event member assist with sales at your table.

INSTRUCTIONS: Take a moment to read through all items on this form before initiating the process of filling it out. It is a good idea to copy your responses into a document so they don't get lost in the middle of filling out this form, just in case. This Artist Application Form is NOT a guarantee you will be admitted as an Artist. This is merely an application—we'll evaluate all of the candidates and make a final, juried decision. If you need to change an answer to a question after you have submitted the form, please email us the correction.

We believe in being open about the criteria of our juried selection process. Candidates will be evaluated based on quality of artistry or craftsmanship, uniqueness and novelty of product, and potential appeal to COAF attendees. A slight boost in score will be given to local Colorado artists. A waiting list will be kept in case spots open up later. Multiple waiting lists may be kept to maintain a wide variety of product types. Any questions or concerns about this process may be directed to

Applications close on Nov. 1. All exhibitors will be notified of their application status by Jan. 15. Payments must be received within 30 days of notification or spots will no longer be guaranteed.

Who You Are
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Table Space Requested
A full table is 6′ wide and usually 3' deep (this may vary) and comes in a space at least 6'x6' with a wall behind. You will not be able to hang things directly on this wall. Two tables will be 12' total. Both 1 table and 2 table setups will be directly adjacent to another artist and most tables will have other artists on both sides with a gap on one side for exit purposes. Electrical sockets will not be available. Position within the room will be determined after selections are made.
Will the Artist(s) themselves be present at the convention or will they have a proxy? (barring unforseen situations) *
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What You Make and Sell
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Please add links to images of your work here
You may include this in a way that makes sense for your work. If you are solely a print artist, a link to your website gallery will work. If you have an established online store with a full selection of what you will be selling at COAF, that would be acceptable. A full list of individual images of everything you sell is also fine (please note, we only need to see a representative sample of similar items, not one in blue, one in red, one in green, another one in green). Please do not send us to your blog if there are entries that are not about your products. This includes Tumblr, do not send us to Tumblr. Please do not send us to the main page of your DeviantArt account or similar gallery. If this all that you have available, make a separate gallery folder that only contains images of your products and send us there. There are lots of other websites around that will help you make a portfolio to show off your work, use them! Make sure your images are as good as you can get, as well. A photo of past artist tables could help! This is a juried show, and this is the section that is most important to our ability to select artists. Take your time to show off your work and impress us! Make sure it's still going to be viewable until you get your acceptance letter!! Please place each link on a separate line.
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Additional Information
Why is your business unique? How would it provide added value to Artists' Alley?
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Anything else you think we should know at this point? (Table requests happen later)
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