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Thank you for your interest in hosting a Your Whole Baby table at your local event! We ask that you provide us with the details, and agree to our policies. Then we will contact you to connect you to our resources. After submitting this form, please watch your FB hidden messages folder and/or your email for a message from our team.
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If you checked that YWB will help fundraise for your banner, please agree to the following: "If I am done using the banner, I will mail it back to YWB. If I plan to do more events, I will hang on to the banner until I am done using it."
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Are you a member of your YWB state group? Find yours at Please share your event there for more participation! *
Are you able to commit to the full day of this event? YWB state groups are a great place to find additional volunteers. *
Your Whole Baby is committed to providing gentle education at all our events. Our representatives must stay positive and advocate with kindness. They must not get into arguments, use harsh language, or attack attendees and/or passersby. Do you agree to follow our policies? Failure to follow these policies will disqualify you from future YWB events. *
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The majority of our interactions with expo attendees are positive, but sometimes a person wants to argue that circumcision is best. What would be your approach/response if this happens? *
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