CS Microaggression Reporting Form
Microaggresions are "the everyday slights, indignities, put downs and insults that people of color, women, LGBT populations or those who are marginalized experiences in their day-to-day interactions with people," (Derald W. Sue). Examples can be found https://sph.umn.edu/site/docs/hewg/microaggressions.pdf.

We as a community acknowledge that microaggressions contribute to a hostile environment and encourage each other to point out instances, whether intentional or inadvertent. If you have experienced such an incident, please speak up and report it here using this form. Your anonymity will be preserved, unless you would like a followup regarding the incident.
Please describe the incident, while maintaining the anonymity of those involved.
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If you would like an ally from the Diversity and Inclusion group to follow up, please leave your contact information here.
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